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Neuter Before Adoption (NBA) refers to spaying or neutering all pets before they are placed for adoption, regardless of their age. NBA policies are spreading in animal welfare organizations throughout the country, and it is now the law in California and New York.

The reasoning behind NBA policies is simple. If we sterilize them before adoption, there will never be an accidental or unwanted litter born. Period!Over one million, married, American women become pregnant by accident each year. Perhaps if people cannot prevent their own unwanted, unplanned pregnancies, we are suffering from unrealistic expectations involving the pets they adopt. Should they be more responsible? Of course! Are they? In reality - no.The general public does not understand the dire consequences of "just one litter." They don’t understand how pets reproduce. If we neuter before adoption, their lack of understanding, procrastination and financial priorities all become non-issues.

We know from studies that compliance with spay/neuter contracts and deposit systems is only 60%. We know that the contracts may not stand up in court. If only a small percentage of the pets we place for adoption go on to have "just one litter," are we not, in fact, contributing to the very problems we’re working so desperately to solve?

Perhaps we should take the responsibility on ourselves, by seeing that no animal ever leaves our care before it is sterilized.

Extra Added Advantages:

  • No spay/neuter contracts or follow-up to bother with! The procedures are easier, faster, and less expensive for the vet and staff. So the vet is happier, and charges you less!
  • The puppies and kittens recover much faster, and have fewer complications! What more could we ask?
Kitty Kisses to:

The many organizations that have adopted neuter-before-adoption policies.

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Anyone still poo-pooing pediatric spay/neuter is either uninformed, misinformed, or way behind on their reading. The safety of pediatric spay/neuter has been scientifically proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, for years. Tell them to join the 21st century!

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~Dr. Tracy Land D.V.M.

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